We empower fleets of electric vehicles to operate 24/7

BattSwap is the most cost and time-efficient fully automatic technology for energy recovery in electric vehicles

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the BattSwap technology

Replacing battery takes 3 min
Replacing battery (Battery Swap)
takes 3 minutes
It's fully automatic, no need to leave a car
It's fully automatic,
no need to leave a car

BattSwap Future was founded to support the revolutionary BattSwap technology

We solve most painful issues
of current electromobility

in the area of last mile delivery, i.e. fleets such as Rohlík, Košík, DoDo, DPD, PPL, Zásilkovna, etc.

Limited and insufficient vehicle range Virtually unlimited range in the catchment area (cities)
Long recharging time (units of hours) Battery change takes 3 minutes (faster than refuelling).
Requires large initial investment in infrastructure (excavation, cabling, charging posts, etc.) Zero investment in infrastructure (replacement charging station rented)
Lack of charging points One small swap station can serve 18 EVs
Huge area required for vehicle charging (12.5 m² per vehicle) Interchange charging station takes 8× less space
Load on the electricity grid and shortening battery life by fast charging Gradual slow charging, use of energy surpluses from RES (renewable energy sources)

Key benefits of BattSwap technology

  • Technology solves real problem

    Our technology solves real problems that are slowing down the development of electromobility

    • Long charging times for electric cars
    • Insufficient range
    • High investment in charging infrastructure
    • Insufficient power for the needs of larger fleets
    • Lack of space for vehicle charging in the warehouse
  • In addition, we bring noticeable and measurable benefits

    Operational savings (fuel, service)

    6-fold increase in EV charging capacity

    Ability to enter warehouses and reduce loading of goods (internal combustion engines cannot enter warehouses due to exhaust fumes)

    and more…

  • Interest of
                        the market

    We have seen a lot of interest from many companies and have had discussions with dozens of them.

    We have selected a few that will be the first to use our technology.

  • Intellectual property

    We succeeded in applying our patents.


    More IP applications will be filed with the EPO and USPTO

  • Prototype - Proof of technical concept (verification of technology functionality in commercial operation)

    We confirmed successful application in real operation.


    We've tested thousands of replacements in various (even extreme) conditions.

  • Proof of business concept (verification of the business plan in commercial operation)

    Using the example of a small fleet of electric vehicles, we were able to demonstrate savings of 167 USD per car per month mileage of 250 km per day.*

    *other savings (otherwise necessary investments in charging infrastructure and other positive factors such as: cheaper slow current tariffs, space-saving during charging, capturing energy overflows, etc.) are not counted

With a medium-sized fleet of 4,000 cars (of which are tens of thousands globally) BattSwap technology will save at least 8 million USD a year.

Battswap Group revenue streams

Target groups, fleets

Delivery cars

the most important area

  • Food delivery - ideal for proof of business concept - great sensitivity to the economics of the model.
  • Package delivery (UPS, Amazon, Deutsche Post, DPD, etc.).
  • TAXI cars (UBER, LYFT, and of course all smaller and middle operators, of which there are thousands).

Public transport and e-buses

  • Running 20–30 km routes in cities, etc.

Municipal services

waste collection, green maintenance, etc.

  • The main reason to introduce electric cars is mainly noise and air pollution in city centers. More and more emission-free areas (already in dozens of major cities) are also emerging.

Our strategy

BattSwap profiles itself primarily as a technology company (with the ability to transformation into a licensor or fleet of exchange stations) - We have already tested this technology as part of the technical proof of concept (with a homologated station).

  • Industrialized station BattSwap (for serial production) DONE

    3–4Q 2023
  • 4Q 2023

    Verification of technology in commercial operation (Proof of technical concept) DONE

  • Verification of a business plan in commercial operation - small fleet (Proof of business concept) DONE

    1Q 2024
  • 2Q–4Q 2024

    Expansion - larger fleets CZ / SK / DE

  • EU / GB / USA expansion (Own operation of BattSwap fleets, business model franchises for different states, licensing for other segments - utilities, eBuses, etc.)

  • 2026

    Going public (IPO / SPAC / Reverse merge)

With our innovative thinking and desire to create meaningful products, we believe that BattSwap can have a long-term positive impact on our society and planet.

To stay ahead of the competition, we are constantly improving our technology and looking for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint.